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The Best way to arrive at Jongnowon Hostel Guesthouse from Incheon International Airport

    1. Take Bus number 6011 from the bus stop 5B or 12A (10.000 won per person)
    2. Get off at Ankug-Dong bus station and walk to your left until you reach the SK Gas-station.
    3. Turn right into the Samil-dearo where you will see a pedestrian crossing in 100M.
    4. Cross the street and go into the narrow alley called Samil-daero 32 gil
         and walk straight forward approximately 200M.
    5. When you reach the first 4 way stop, you will see Woo-ri Mart on your right corner.
    6. Turn right at the Woo-ri Mart into the Donhwamun-ro 11 na gil.
    7. You will see our grey building with the signboard Jongnowon Guesthouse.


The way to Incheon International airport 

    1. Exit the Jongnowon Hostel Guesthouse to Woo-ri Mart.
    2. Take Yulgok-ro 6 gil to the main avenue
        and cross the Yulgok-ro and turn to your left and walk to the Airport Bus Stop.
    3. The Airport Bus operates every 20 minutes (10.000 won per person).
    4. The bus ride takes approximately 1 hour traffic permitting.


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